I want to take the time to briefly introduce myself and what I plan on doing with this blog. My name is Tracy and I live in Virginia. I am originally from Boston, but stayed in Virginia after college because I did not want to go back to the cold weather. The sun is where I love to be, LOL. 

As a child, I was fortunate enough to travel with my parents and I thank them for that. Traveling as a child offered me a variety of educational experiences, and it gave me an idea of what was going on in the world I live in. There was more out there then what I saw on a day to day basis in my community (Roxbury) city (Boston), and state (Massachusetts).  Traveling does so many things for a person: mentally, socially, culturally, and sometimes physically.  For example, if you visit Denver where you are on a higher altitude due to outside air pressure being lower than it is inside your lungs; You may experience some dizziness or shortness of breathe. As I got older, I wanted to see more and began to travel with my girlfriends experiencing other states, and eventually other countries. 

These experiences provided a passion for traveling and getting to know what the rest of the world was like. And for those who love to travel like I do, know it is life changing and full of life, culture, and explorations. It builds a passion inside in which you begin to yearn and press towards learning and experiencing all you can in other parts of the world. Vacation and Travel are not the same thing…. Going on vacation does not mean you have traveled.. Traveling should be an experience none like what you live in your everyday life. Vacationers travel to enjoy the resort, while travelers enjoy the culture, heritage, and rituals of that part of the world, city or state. If you come back the same way you left, but with a tan; Then you have accomplished the goal of going on a vacation….. But if you come back, filled with rich knowledge and experience of where you visited, then you have traveled!!! #travelingwithapurpose!!!!!!!

I am hoping this blog will provide knowledge, skills, experiences, and information that will introduce, enlighten, and educate you all through different traveling experiences. I look forward to continuing to provide dialogue on tips, likes, and dislikes when it comes to traveling experiences. Feel free to comment on ideas you want to talk or are curious about…. I’m excited about this new voyage!!!  


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