Travelling Carefree 

Traveling is very exciting, but I have found to many people it can be very stressful up to the days leading to when you actually depart for your trip. From trying to complete last minute work, packing, planning the trip, to making sure your home is in order for when you get back; You can start to feel anxious and overwhelmed days before you begin your relaxation retreat. If you’re traveling with anxiety, what you have been dreaming about can turn quickly into a minefield. I have found that you can never be too prepared for your pre and post travel needs. 

Traveling carefree can be beneficial to you both physically and mentally. Physically, in that we know stress causes a lot of health problems, and mentally, in that we don’t want to be moody and think negatively while we are enjoying our trip. You may ask “So how can I  overcome these anxious and overwhelming feelings and travel carefree?”  Well it can be quite easy, if you take time to PLAN!!!! By utilizing a Trip Plan, You can make sure you experience a stress and worry free adventure. 

1.) Plan your itinerary– this can include where you want to go or who you want to see…

2.) Create a checklist– This can help ensure you don’t forget anything for the trip. I always do this for my clothes that I am going to wear. *Nightlife, *sightseeing, *beach, and *hanging around the hotel. 

3.) Pack Smart/Pack in advance-Depending on how long I have known about the trip, I normally start packing a month in advance so I don’t forget anything.

4.) Check the weather for location you are traveling to-You don’t want to get stuck out there with no jacket or umbrella and it’s supposed to rain 3 out of the 5 days you are there. 

5.) Read about the area you are traveling to-places you should visit, places you should stay away, nightlife etc.. Don’t waste time on your trip trying to figure out or deciding what you want to do you. You should already know before you get there. 

6.) Clean or organize your home-So when you get back you can continue feeling the same relaxed feeling you left your destination with. 

7.) Finish any last-minute paperwork or task for your job. 

With careful planning, you can avoid pre and post travel burnout.

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