What you need to know before travelling to South Africa with kids 

Technology is slowly creating a gap between parents and children. It’s easy to find yourself referring to how things were when you were a kid compared to how things are now. Technology hasn’t helped. It feels difficult to relate to the younger generation because some kids simply prefer experiencing life behind a screen. A family vacation to South Africa is a beautiful place to re-calibrate your family’s values.

After reading this parent’s perspective review of a family trip to South Africa, I’m sure you’d feel the same. If you’re a parent, then I’m sure you’ve dreamed of experiencing the world with your children. You may also have anxiety of forgetting something on your trip or being delayed by a policy that you weren’t aware of. Don’t fret. Today, we are sharing the one need to know thing before traveling to South Africa with children.

Travelling to South Africa with both parents is the easiest way to plan. However, if that’s not possible it does present a few additional steps you need to be aware of.

Effective June 2015, children under the age of 18 will need to travel with birth certificates always under the latest Immigration Act. It includes a requirement for an unabridged birth certificate, which can shorten your South African vacation if you’re not aware of it. The unabridged birth certificate is different from the traditional birth certificate in that it contains the parental details.

The unabridged birth certificate can be requested by South African officials when entering and leaving the country to decrease human trafficking and kidnapping.

If entering South Africa with both biological parents (must be parents as referenced on the birth certificate), the following is required:

· Valid passport of travelling parent and child

· Visa, if required

· Birth certificate listing both parents (must be the originals or certified copy)

If entering South Africa with one biological parent, the following is ALSO required:

· Parental consent affidavit not older than four months or

· Letter of special circumstances issued by the director-general or home affairs if a parent or parents are incapacitated or deceased, and no legal guardian has been appointed yet

If child is entering South Africa without parents (non-relatives, relatives or legal guardians), the following is required:

· An unabridged birth certificate is needed as well as an affidavit from the parents or legal guardian confirming that he/she has granted permission to travel with the child

· Certified copy of passports of government-issued IDs of the parent or legal guardian

· Contact information of the parent or legal guardian

It’s always wise to confirm with your travel agent or contact the South African government if you have unique circumstances or prior to departure, as the laws may change.

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